Drop it off

Just stop by our Mic Mic Mall location. We’ll fit you in and let you know when you can come pick up you car. We can even text you when it’s ready. Pretty simple yeah?


Skip the stale coffee and flipping through magazines at the dealership. Enjoy retail therapy at Mic Mac mall while you wait. Just don’t ask for fashion advice. We think coveralls are a great look.

Pick it up

We’ll let you know when your car will be ready. And it won’t be answer like “sometime before closing”. Swing on back and we’ll have it ready to roll when you get here.


Regular oil changes are one of the simplest, most cost-effective things you can do to prevent engine wear and to keep you car running smoothly for years. Invest in preventative maintenance now, or face expensive engine damage later. Which would you prefer?

Every Macs Onsite Oil Change Includes:
  • Up to 5 litres of fresh oil
  • Changing oil filter
  • Checking air filter
  • Vehicle Visual Inspection
  • Checking engine for leaks
  • Checking belts and hoses
When to Change Your Oil:
  • According to your vehicle manufacturer’s schedule (found in owner’s manual)
  • When your check oil or check engine light is on
  • Knocking or pinging sounds from engine
  • Oil appears dirty and dark when inspecting dipstick

Formula Shell Conventional Oil Change - $41.99

Up to 5 litres of Formula Shell motor oil

New oil filter

Vehicle inspection and report

Minimizes metal to metal wear by maintaining 3X consistent level wear protection from new oils to used oils

Quaker State Higher Mileage Engine Oil Change - 62.49

Up to 5 litres of Quaker State Enhanced Durability Higher Mileage Engine motor oil

New oil filter

Vehicle inspection and report

Contains additional anti-wear and oxidation resistance additives to fight heat related wear

Quaker State Synthetic Blend Oil Change - $62.49

Up to 5 litres of Quaker State Enhanced Durability 4×4, SUV motor oil

New oil filter

Vehicle inspection and report

Improved resistance to engine stress at high RPM’s and under heavy loads

Quaker State Full Synthetic Oil Change - $82.99

Up to 5 litres of Quaker State Ultimate Durability motor oil

New oil filter

Vehicle inspection and report

High resistance to oxidation, keeping the oil from breaking down

If your wipers don’t do their job, your safety is at risk. We’ll help ensure you are safe in all visibility and weather conditions with wipers that will get the job done. Replacing your wipers is quick, easy and inexpensive. Our service includes, visually inspecting your wipers, and if needed, removing the old wipers and installing new ones.

  • When to Change Your Wipers
  • Once a year
  • Wipers are leaving smudges or residue on the windshield
  • Wipers are scraping, scuffing or skipping on the windshield

Macs carries a full line of Aeroflex wiper products starting at $9.95 + installation.

(Regular retail price $16.95)

Macs provides replacement filters for the two key air filter systems in your vehicle – engine air filter and cabin air filter.

The engine air filter protects against debris including dirt and other contaminants entering your engine. A clean air filter also ensures that your engine receives proper airflow, a critical factor in fuel economy and peak engine performance.

The cabin air filter cleans and purifies air entering the cabin through the ventilation system. Changing this filter ensures proper comfort for driver and passengers.

ADD an air filter change to your oil change service

The quality of your tires has a direct effect on handling, fuel economy and suspension and steering wear and tear. Tires that are worn or improperly imbalanced can be a serious safety hazard. Come see us and we’ll ensure you’re riding on great rubber.

Macs does not currently offer Wheel and Tire packages